Junior OBA

Sri Sumangala College Junior Old Boys’ Association was formed in 1999 by an enthusiastic set of 10 old boys of Sri Sumangala.

The necessity for a Junior OBA was two-fold. All the leading school in Colombo and suburbs have not one but a number of Junior OBAs. Secondly, the College needed a set of young energetic and a dynamic group of leaders to steer the college to achieve her goals.

Sri Sumangala OBA had been doing a wonderful service to the College but it lacked young talent because very few young ex-students become members of the Senior OBA. Because of the age gap and different tastes and motives. Further, the Senior OBA needed a feeder source of members who have some attachment to the college. Very often old boys join the OBA when the time comes to admit their children to the college. Due to the above reasons, a Junior OBA was formed with the guidance and blessings of Mr. J. K. P. Asokarathne who is also an old boy of the college.

Formation of the Junior Old Boys’ Association,created some anxiety in the minds of the members of the senior OBA. Having had several rounds of discussions with the senior old boys promoters of the Junior OBA were able to establish a good rapport with the seniors. Seniors accepted the formation of the Junior Old Boys’ Association and many constitutional links were formed between the two associations Mr. Aravinda Perera, the then president of the Sri Sumangala OBA should be greatly remembered for his invaluable service in creating constitutional links between the two associations.

Mr. Dinesh De Silva was the first President of the Junior OBA and Mr. Ranganath Pathinayake and Mr. Sugath Wijerathne were the first Joint Secretaries, while Mr. Sanjaya De Silva was the first treasurer.


  • Dinesh Shanthapriya De Silva
  • Sanjaya Priyanga De Silva
  • Dushantha Chanaka
  • Janitha Niroshan
  • Nalaka Ranganath Pathinayaka
  • Jaliya Senevirathna
  • Buddhika Sumith
  • Sugath Wijerathna
  • Deric Katapearachchi
  • Dhanuka Kottachchi